Delivering a large load of supplies to a refugee center in Drohobych

Many Americans feel helpless, frustrated, and powerless to do anything to help the people suffering in war-torn Ukraine. People are often hesitant to donate to large aid organizations, not sure if their money will be used for the intended purpose.  

We offer an alternative.

Trip #3 just ended:

August 9 - Sept. 21 

Trip #3, August 9 - September 21 is now history!

While donations for this trip were down considerably (this is happening worldwide, due to a sort of "Ukraine Fatigue" that has set in), we were fortunate to link up with several aid organizations who were able to provide goods that we could deliver all over Ukraine with our van.  So in the end, it was a very productive, rewarding trip. One highlight was meeting groups of soldiers not far from the frontlines of the Kharkiv counteroffensive, when we delivered a large van full of gear and food to them; after the delivery they brought us to a town that had just been liberated from the Russians a few days earlier.  They are are true heroes!

Thanks to all who stepped up and donated, and it's never too late to give! We can make direct donations to groups that we've worked with, so you can rest assured your money will be well spent.

Supplies to Ukrainian refugees
Devastation in Kyiv, Ukraine
Russian shelling in Kharkiv, Ukraine

I'll be heading back to Ukraine on August 9th for 6 weeks, working with several international aid groups that we've networked with. If all goes according to plan (as much as one can plan in a very fluid situation), I'll be using their vans and working with them to deliver goods, as well as transporting and evacuating refugees all over Ukraine.

For this trip, we're partnering with the PBVM Ukrainian Catholic Church in Manchester, NH (a 501(c)(3) non-profit) to handle our donations.  Be assured that your donation will be dedicated solely toward this humanitarian mission, to defray transportation costs, fuel, purchases of goods and supplies, and lodging if necessary.

Note: it's unclear at this point if John will be joining me for this trip, as he's busy running for State Representative for Bedford.

Our Current Mission:

  • Transport food and any other needed supplies (clothing, cleaning supplies, etc.), procured by us and others, to refugee centers, households near hot zones where they're unable to evacuate, and to the military.

  • Provide transportation for refugees from areas all over Ukraine (as needed, with the ever-evolving war situation).

  • Assist in any other way that helps the Ukrainian people survive and carry on fighting against the brutal Russian invaders.

About Us:

Bedford4Ukraine was started by longtime Bedford residents Brian Nolen and John Fitzgerald.  From March 23-April 13 and again from May 11-June 1, we embarked on 3-week humanitarian trips, supplying refugee centers in Poland and later Ukraine. Through our network of contacts in the US, Poland and Ukraine, we’ve established a network of suppliers where we can cost-effectively purchase wholesale goods and deliver them DIRECTLY where they’re needed.

Trip #2, May 11- June1, was a resounding success,

thanks to our generous donors!

On June 1, we handed the keys of the donated van back to the fellow who lent it to us, Arnaud Michel.  Arnaud is an Air France pilot, who has a lot of experience running supply missions on his own in Ukraine.

L-R: John Fitzgerald, Arnaud Michel, Brian Nolen

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Images from Trip #2, May 11 - June 1

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Images from Trip #3, August 9 - Sept. 21